Architectural Galleries

Years ago, some dude took a friend and I down Carteville Road in Orem, UT to scope an “investment opportunity.” The property tantalized: middle-of-nowhere feel; two minutes from Costco. The kicker was the backyard: the 15th hole of Riverside (I had just taken up golf; I am still very bad).

I apologize to whoever that guy was, because after expressing disinterest, I called the number on the “For Sale” sign and signed a stack of papers. Anyway, while the property was amazing, the house was an abandoned dump. So I made the obvious decision: remodel it all by myself. And so—this is 100% true—I bought some tools at Home Depot and remodeled…for about two hours.

Then I gave up.

I hired a big and supposedly reputable company to finish the job, who amazingly managed to make the house uglier. So I fired them.

[Enter Paul]

Paul was the wordless guy on the back row at church. I too am a fellow ‘back rower’—but of the obnoxious order—and discovered Paul was into that kind of work (you know, building stuff).

So I hired him.

We slowed things down and got creative. Paul scrapped everything vinyl and began making new windows out of wood. I caught a glimpse of what turned into our front door while watching Kung Fu Panda with the kids.

Then Paul surprised me. First off, his brain thought of it. If that wasn’t insane enough, he was able to make it with metal and wood and materials I don’t even understand (really). That eccentrically amazing courtyard chandelier sealed the deal.

We incorporated. "Architectural Galleries."

Late last night—two years later—we mounted the massive entry gates—our most ambitions project yet. Our business model is to frighten and stir the public to either burn down the house or buy something. I hope it’s the latter.

Dallin Bruun & Paul Allen